Q: Am I required to fax or mail a written report if I am making a WebReferral?
A: No

Q: Am I required to call in a referral even though I am making a WebReferral?
A: No. However, urgent or immediate response referrals are not accepted via the WebReferral process. A phone call must be made to the AIS Call Center at 1-800-510-2020. The WebReferral can be used as the written report following a phone referral for an immediate need situation.

Q: Will someone from APS call me back regarding the outcome of the referral I am making?
A: Due to confidentiality, the assigned APS worker may not be able to share information regarding the referral you are making to APS.

Q: Will APS remove this person out of their home?
A: APS lacks the authority to forcibly remove an individual from their home.

Q: Will APS tell anyone who reported the problem to APS?
A: By law, APS cannot disclose the identity of the reporting party.

Q: How soon is the APS worker going out on this case?
A: If it is determined that a face to face visit is necessary, APS will attempt to visit the person within 10 calendar days of the report being made.

Q: What is the definition of self-neglect?
A: The failure of an elder or dependent adult to adequately take care of themselves and meet the demands of daily living to eat, pay bills, meet personal hygiene needs, and take medications.

Q: Who are mandated reporters?
A: There are certain identified individuals, such as bankers and medical professionals, who are mandated by law to report elder/dependent adult abuse.

Q: Do I need to make a report to APS if I think someone else has already reported to APS (on the same issue)?
A: Yes, unless you are certain that someone else from your organization or team has reported to APS regarding the same issue.

Q: How will I know if my referral was submitted to APS?
A: You can see if your referral is in submitted or draft (not submitted status) by going to “Referral Management” and picking “view existing referrals” or you can contact the AIS Call Center at 1-800-510-2020.

Q: What will happen if my referral is in Long Term Care Ombudsman jurisdiction?
A: The report will be transferred electronically directly to the Long Term Care Ombudsman (LTCO) office and will not be viewed by APS staff. If an APS referral is later determined to be in LTCO jurisdiction it will be forwarded to the Long Term Care Ombudsman Office.

Q: I was making an APS referral and my referral went to Senior Team instead. What happened?
A: The WebReferral tool helps screen for the most appropriate program based on the information provided. Senior Team provides services when there is a self-neglect and strong mental health concerns.

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