Begin Referral Process:

Adult Protective Services (APS), a program of AIS, provides the role of delivery of Adult Protective Services for the County of San Diego, as directed by the California Department of Social Services. The goal of Adult Protective Services is to prevent and remedy the abuse, neglect, or exploitation of elder and dependent adults who are unable to protect their own interests and/or care for themselves, and who have been harmed or are at risk of harm. APS seeks to maintain the individual’s safety whenever possible in his or her familiar environment by strengthening his or her capacity for self-maintenance, through the direct provision of services, or by linking the individual to appropriate services. Adult Protective Services is not intended to be a long-term, on-going case management program, but is intended to provide intervention activities directed toward safeguarding the wellbeing and general welfare of elder and dependent adults.

Long-Term Care Ombudsman: Certified Ombudsman volunteers and staff advocate for people who live in licensed residential care and skilled nursing facilities. The Long-Term Care Ombudsman investigates and resolve complaints.

Senior Mental Health Team: Mental health professionals work to ease the suffering and provide solutions for county residents 60+ who are in a mental health crisis. An in-home assessment is followed by a plan to keep the senior safe and independent as possible. Handling the crisis and stabilizing the senior’s situation is our first priority. Clients and families are educated about mental health concerns. If needed the Senior Mental Health Team assists with hospitalization or long-term placement out of the home.

Any referral not submitted or completed within 24 hours of being initiated will be deleted from the system and not reviewed.

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